Nepal Is The Land Of Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

We are talking to 43 years old youth entrepreneur Sudeep Acharya who stayed 17 years at USA and had returned back to Nepal. Sudip Acharya is a youth entrepreneur who had formally returned back to Nepal in 2008 aiming to use his potential in Nepal ignoring the high income and facilities of USA after completion of his Master of Science In Industrial Engineering from University of Arkansas Fayetteville. Completing his High school education from Budhanilkantha School he had flown to America in 1991 and again returned back to Nepal thinking to do some business in 1993 after completing his Bachelor Level. After 3 years’ experience in business in Nepal he had again gone to America for further studies. He had returned back to Nepal on 2002 after completion of his studies. We, Pravat Media have talked to Mr Acharya about his efforts and success story.

You are youth entrepreneur, you have invested in many investment companies too. Looking back to 2008 you have returned to Nepal thinking to run business formally. What had you dream when you returned back to Nepal? How do you feel while working between 2008 to 2016? And how are your industries and business run?

When I returned back to Nepal in the year 2008, at that time there happened revolutionary change in country.  I thought this was an opportunity. I guessed, I was not confirmed whether I would return back. But when I landed here I felt the nation will take a way to develop. Since long my family background too is on business, so I began to think what could be done. Among these, in 2010 we have invested on Dish Home Network, Satellite Channel Pvt. Ltd before. Likewise we have invested on hydropower since before. We thought to invest on Langtang river of Clean Energy. Besides this on a Bindabasini Hydropower, where I worked as MD too after I arrived. Taking on mind about the scarcity of power we devoted on leading it forward. On the way, it’s not easy to work in Nepal, There are opportunities and difficulties as well. We were committed to turn difficulties into opportunities. At present, I am satisfied on my decision of returning back to Nepal because on my working sectors like Disk Home Network where I am executive officer is on rapid progress.

Looking at your life, the one who looks about your life may be impressed. Personally you are smart. In reality many youth dreamt life like yours. And in reality, to gain this level and identity what played major support either your individual capacity or the family background?

In my feeling both of them. I was born and grown up in a sophisticate family that provides me with an opportunity as my father was also in industrialist at the same time I did lots of struggle. My family believes on struggle. We don’t have the tradition of giving the golden platform that is already created. Self-struggle is emphasized. So I had gone to America in 1991. I studied hard and did my best. Although I got support from my family I also worked hard to gain my capabilities.  I have some experiences too.

As you are talking about your struggle, in Nepal the agendas regarding to economic prosperity are on trap of political agendas. We are well known on this. In context of weaker economic prosperity due to political agendas, there are even some youths who are getting graduation from universities. And these youths are not economically strong and still want to be youth entrepreneur in Nepal. Like you, what those youths need to do to be entrepreneur in Nepal?

Nepal is Virgin land. Virgin land yes, Dream city. It’s a Dream land. Here are not much things done. I stayed long in USA and had seen many things. Here, every time I felt everything lacking. This mean there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Nepal. In a very simple tasks too there are lots of things to do. So new concepts for youth entrepreneur in Nepal must be developed. New opportunities must be studied. If you have already visited different countries, what new things you have seen in the foreign land that must be brought back to Nepal. This things must be cared. Another aspect is struggle. Those who do not have the capacity of being entrepreneur due to low economic profile need to start from small scale.  Don’t go for large scale. And search the business as per your aim. And do your work in the way that if you could multiply this or not. If you could multiply this that will take the shape of large one.  There are lots of examples.

This is one idea. Another is creating a group including friends circle or work in partnership. Collecting fund. This way large scale business also can be done. In every works there are risks. We need to always think how to mitigate the risks.

Do you see investment friendly environment in Nepal? Are you getting the possibilities of such environment or you are going on risk?  How you are going ahead?

In my case I see both of them. There is risk, at the same time there is opportunity as well. In this case we can say where there are more risks there are more opportunities. Why I am saying opportunity here? Because there are lots of things to be done. We don’t have enough electricity so there is lots of opportunity in Hydropower. All the Nepalese people could not watch television so Dish Home is an opportunity. There are lots such things. I stayed long in foreign land. There are such many friends who returned back from foreign countries. They have lots of quarries. If this could be done or …….either this can run or…… like and so on………. This is because there are not such. If they were already developed there would be definitely less opportunities. So I have seen lots of opportunities because here are not much things developed.

What the weakness here is? Or what is the difficulty?

Here are not appropriate sectors to facilitate. Lets’ say the political leadership in not giving focus on this. May be there are focus on other sectors in priority rather than economic prosperity. But the major thing to bond the nation is economic prosperity. In this sense, this must be focused. I hope this must be focused soon. If this is focused youths need not to go for foreign countries for employment. Or they should not take interest of going foreign lands.

Do you mean Nation should facilitate the agenda of Economic Prosperity or youth entrepreneur?

Yes, Political disorders and instabilities should be stopped and sooner and sooner the political parties, concerned authorities and government should make first bottom line of economic prosperity.

If this is done do you see lots of possibilities?

Yes, There are lots of possibilities. At present while going to Pokhara from Kathmandu there are not better places to have food. There are many things that are not with us. I see, In Switzerland they sell chocolates with their own packaging. We have lots of products that cannot be sold due to not having better packaging and branding. In facebook, I have seen about black rice. What this really is? At Jumla apple, at Illam “Chhurpi”, such many products are there for packaging and branding. I see wide verities of opportunities there. Now lets’ talk about your experiences.

In 1991 you have gone America, In between of 1991 to 2008 around 17 years you stayed in America, studied there and involved in business and services. At present one saying is popular in Social Medias: In America Youths run country and give pension for old aged and in Nepal the old aged run country and gives tension for youths. Is Nepal requiring the leadership of youth? What do you think?

Of course! Because youths come with new ideas and concepts. At present everything is running with outdated traditional concepts. Either that is political or bureaucracy. There is no change in thoughts. They are seeking easiness, but how you know? Doing nothing.

Almost all the leaders are old. They don’t see their knowledge and capacity. Their concept is that: they are having their rights because they stayed in jail for long in the past and they contributed lot in revolution and so on…………. New comers are not encouraged.

In political position, duration of staying in jail played major role. Is it you mean?

Yes, at present there must be the thought of quality and ability too.

As we are talking about the ability and youth leadership at present Donald Trumph who is elected as the 45th Presidents of USA and is the oldest president in the American History. In this sense as we are taking about America is ruled by youths what is our concept of youth, either the youth of America has the thought of youth or being young in Nepal their feeling are not youth?

Let me explain briefly, America is the land of opportunities. It is focusing for newness. When John Kennedy came in 1963, the people used to say he will not win the election. They believe this because he is Irish Catholic. Because they are minorities. This is same at the time of Bill Clinton, Barak Obama. In my sense I see that American always give priority on newness. America has gone forward because it tried for newness. In Nepal also new thing need to be tried. They should take the risk of it. We need to jump up. Political parties should take the risk of it too. If we don’t take the risk of it we could not go ahead. We just seek the safety way only. That is of no use, if we stay on safety net being into maze.

As we are talking about USA and its economic prosperity, at present many youths from Nepal explained America as dream land. As you stayed long in America, in reality is USA the appropriate destination for Nepalese youth? Or can we create this opportunity in Nepal?

In Nepal we could see, I am saying. There is no doubt. Youth can go for short term to see and learn. It’s my suggestion. You learn and come to Nepal, here are many things to be done. I said before, there is no electricity in Nepal so I am going for Hydropower projects. If there was enough electricity before I could not get this opportunity. In America there is already made. If we start there where to make and where to sell? This might be headache. There is no television networks, so DTH is popular. If it was before why it required? So there are opportunities in Nepal. Going foreign land is for watch, see and learn to bring to Nepal. We need to utilize that. I don’t mean not to go to foreign land. I mean utilize it and do in Nepal.

Many youth of Nepal would not be satisfied with your sayings. They think in Nepal many factors create hurdles and apply for foreign countries. Would you satisfy the youths with your strong points so that the youth would not apply for European countries or foreign countries for VISA? Another thing what could be your role  for youth to make them convinced to use their certificate and stay in Nepal.

I would support all for the sectors where I can. I can cooperate all who has access to me. I have gone to different places for advices too. I will not say not to go abroad, I suggest go, but see and learn and apply this in Nepal. There are many my friends who are still willing to be back to Nepal soon. Because there are many thing in Nepal that could be done if a little effort is applied. There is not impossible of doing anything in Nepal. Nepal has more opportunities.

We are around the last phase of program. What plans are you committed in to complete in near future?

Ohhh … I am working in Dish Home where I invested too. I think to do much through it. We have registered three channels, we would take these tasks forward. We are planning for Dish Home Sports which bond the youth in unity. We are catching the sentiment of Nation. Further I would continue more on hydropower in the future days so that other industries would be also supported.

Okay, may your commitments be on the path of success. We would like to thank you for your valuable time you gave for us.

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